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BLVK Unicorn UNICIG V2 Disposable Vape

BLVK Unicorn UNICIG V2 Disposable Vape
BLVK Unicorn UNICIG V2 Disposable Vape

The UniCig V2 Disposable Pod Device by BLVK Unicorn is a simple and portable vaping device. It is pre-installed with 50mg nic salt and comes with different flavors. Each pack comes with 1 disposable pod.
Main Features:
Flavors: Mango Ice, Blood Orange Ice, Cuban Cigar, Mint Chocolate, Spearmint, Cantaloupe, Apple Ice, Lychee Ice, Strawberry Yogurt Ice, and Pineapple Ice
No charging, maintenance or refilling
50mg of flavorful nic salt
Draw-activated firing system
Comes in a pack of one
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Flavor Profile:
Mango Ice: fruity tropical mango with a cool icy kick
Blood Orange Ice: tangy red orange flavor with a sweet breeze and icy menthol finish
Cuban Cigar: rich and classic notes of a Cuban cigar with a hint of vanilla
Mint Chocolate: velvety and sweet chocolate with a refreshing note of mint
Cantaloupe: fruity and sweet cantaloupe taste
Spearmint: icy burst followed by a refreshing and pure note of spearmint
Apple Ice: Take a bite of these tarty green apples ice cooled to the touch
Strawberry Yogurt Ice: You’ll enjoy this smooth yogurt taste mixed with fresh ripe strawberries
Pineapple Ice: A tropical pineapple flavor finished by cool icy notes
Lychee Ice: Exotic sweet lychees perfectly blended with a cold icy finish

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